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Saving QVW after removing all values


Just started developing with QV, and first post here. I tried to search this community for answer before posting, but didn't find anything related to my question. If some post already existed somewhere, please let me know.

The way we integrate our app with QV is that we use QV SDK (OCX control with our .NET app), and the specific use case I am experimenting on is that our user's QVW file does not contain any data to begin with, and when we open it up, we will programmically call reload. Then user is then free to work in their QVW (moving things around, adding new charts ... etc.) and at the end, we will save their QVW to disk, after stripping all data away.

What I noticed is that when we try to save QVW after removing all data in QV, it always pops up the SaveAs dialog. However, if no data removal was performed, Save will just be done to the currently opened file. This behavior can be observed via OCX in the following code:


axQlikOCX1.ActiveDocument.ReloadEx(0, 1);




It can also be observed via the standalone QlikView desktop application. Simple steps to see this behavior is to start QV.exe, open a QVW file, create a new chart, and click the Save icon. Changes will be saved and no dialog will pop up. However, if you make a change, and remove all data (File -> Reduce Data -> Remove All Values), when Save is clicked, SaveAs Dialog pops up.

We are using QV desktop, 11.20 SR2.

Does anyone know how to suppress the SaveAs dialog in this case?



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Have you tried using ActiveDocument.SaveAs and specifying a file name as parameter instead of using ActiveDocument.Save?

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Yes, SaveAs is the current workaround I have, given that I can't make Save to work without poping up the SaveAs dialog after stripping all the data. However, as far as SaveAs goes, it requires the second parameter for formatting. I know that even though the API guide says the second parameter is optional, it is not in .NET (which is the language I am using in my host application). The API doc describes this parameter as

QlikView file format

1   =   3.01/3.02

2   =   3.1         

3   =   3.15

4   =   4.0

5   =   5.0

and I have no idea what the differences are and which one I should use to save my QVW in the "current" format.