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Screen freezes when on selecting chart properties

Hi All,

When I open a dashboard in access point and try to access the chart properties, the screen freezes. I have waited for around 15 minutes, but nothing responds and finally I have to close internet explorer using task manager.

Has anyone faced such issue? Please let me know if someone has any solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Champion III
Champion III

which version ur using?

please upgrade ur browser and restrt ur application and system once and try it

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

The property-window might be hidden on a different monitor (by actual or previous used multiple monitors) or also hidden under a different window. Further certain settings like a popup blocker could cause problems.

- Marcus


To figure out whether Marcus is right, resize your browser and open the AccessPoint in the smallest possible window. Any hidden dialogs or popups can now be detected quite easily.

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Thanks everybody for the suggestions. The issue was with the IE plugin installed on my system. I removed and reinstalled it and it is working fine now.Thanks...