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Script Help

Hi All,

Very new to Qlikview and trying to pick up something a former co-worker has done. Could someone explain what the following piece of script is doing?

ApplyMap('SFIDmapping_SF',[Level 3 Category],null()) as [SF ID],

   [Level 2 Category] as [Level 2 Process ID],
[Level 2 Detail] as [Level 2 Process Name],
[Level 3 Category] as [Level 3 Process ID],
[Level 3 Process Name],
[Name of Full HR Shared Services Service],
[Team Accountable for Full HR Shared Services Service]

Basically what I am trying to do is count the number of cases by Team Accountable for Full HR Share Services Service. When I do this there is roughly 80000+ which come back with "-", does this mean its null or blank or can anyone give me any advice?


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ApplyMap('SFIDmapping_SF',[Level 3 Category],null()) as [SF ID]

The above field SF_ID was created by ApplyMap function with SFIDMaoing_SF mapping table.

First read about Mapping tables and ApplyMap function.

Generally Mapping table have 2 fields like Key & Value pair, When you used ApplyMap, the key found its assign the Value to new field in the script.

You can check Level3 Category field exactly match with Mapping table First field values to debug why you got null values.



Also, these are two great posts on ApplyMap.

Henric Cronström: Qlik Design Blog : Don't join - use Applymap in... | Qlik Community


Steve Dark: http://www.quickintelligence.co.uk/applymap-is-it-so-wrong/

Good luck!

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OK that makes sense, I assume the rest of the fields such as [Level 3 Process Name] is simply getting loaded into a table? .