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Section Access Guidance

Looking for some guidance on Section Access (or an alternative solution)...

We have different companies (who sell the same products but to different audience) with the products types being looked after by product managers.

We want some users will see all companies with others only seeing one and some users seeing all companies but only seeing 1 product type.

Just now we have created variants of each of the reports but our report catalogue is becoming too big with there being an obvious maintenance overhead if a new view is added as we need to trawl through each report and add it...

From searching the forum, section access looks like the answer...

Is this the correct route and, if yes, does anyone have an example which we could look at.....

Many thanks in advance for any assistance given...



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Paul -

That sounds very similar to a situation I've worked through, and yes I would suggest using Section Access. Inside the section access portion of the app, I ended up using a table that linked network logins to which companies and products they could see. Although the section access portion of the reference manual didn't make a lot of sense the first time I looked at it, it made more sense the more I understood what I was doing with it. A couple tips I received that were helpful:

- First, build all the tables into the Qlikview app without section access. That way, you can simulate what section access will do by simply selecting various logins from a list box to see what happens to the rest of the data.

- Once you're ready to actually add the "section access;" and "section application;" portions, save a backup without section access. If you foul things up too much, you can permanently lock everyone out of the file and you'll have to start from scratch.

Good luck

- John