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Section Access match two fields

Hi, We have a business requirement. The scope is that if an user key can match either table key1 or key2 who could access this row.  For instance: The key of A is 1001 so he can get ID 1 and ID2 of OR Table ,The key of B is 1002 so he can get ID 2 and ID 3 so on and so forth.  Is there any solution for this issue?

User Section Access Table:

User Key
A 1001
B 1002
C 1003
D 1004
E 1005


OR Table:

Data ID Key1 Key2
1 1001 1006
2 1001 1002
3 1002 1008
4 1006 1004
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Take a look at the attached. It should help you on this.

Bill - Principal Technical Support Engineer at Qlik
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