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Contributor II
Contributor II

Section access Sheet

Is it possible to have an Access section by sheet It is not a matter of hiding it but showing all data in one sheet and collapsing data in another in the same QlikView application for the same users. Thank you

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Hi @Fatys , i dont know if you need section access for that, you can try just creating different charts for differnt sheets, and control the displayed data  with some set analysis in your expressions.So if for example i one sheet you want to show all data, yo may :


but if in another sheet you want to show less data, for example just sum the amount for Area 'A' :

sum {< Area = {'A'}>} Amount)

And about collapsed or expanded data, you can create diffente chjart using different level of data diensions, for example, in one sheet you can create a straight table with Area Dimension, but in another sheet and chart, you can use Employee dimension or Invoice Number dimension, i mean a different level of aggregation.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello thank you for your answer.

I don't think so that i can manage it like that because i'm talking about accesses of Data.

I will share with you an example of what i want to do than tell me please if it's possible or how can i manage it : 

I have a user let's say responsable commercial in the first sheet he needs to see all data of his team and also the data of the others.Than in the second sheet as it's a sensitive data like remuneration he should see only the data of his team.

Thank you