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Contributor III
Contributor III

SectionAccess "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document" Error on AccessPoint

Hi I am struggling with a section access problem/document problem. I have implemented section access successfully for some QV apps. With the most recent one I seem to have issues. For Section Access we use NTNAME for authorization and have MARKET for dynamic reduction (both in upper case). Initial Data Reduction/Strict exclusion is activated. The list of users is loaded via an Excel file. This file contains the system admin as well as various users. Reduction criteria is correctly linked to users (when checking by inactivation Section Access statement). The application loads without issues in on QV Server. Distribution is done via Publisher to 'All Authenticated Users'. Access to the document via browser works fine with the SysAdmin credentials used for login. With regular user login to AccessPoint I can see the app. When I try to open the qvw I get the error message "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document". If I download the *.qvw from the server and open the file with QV Desktop the App opens as expected. We are currently on QVS V12.2 SR7 Any thoughts on how to resolve the issue? I have seen many posts on the matter but never came across a similar one. Thanks

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Question - Is this happening only for you or for all users ?

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Claude, have a look at the following Design Blog post, and note there are some additional blog links at the end of the post, the one you are likely most interested in are the ones on data reduction, but I figured I would give you the entire set, as that way you can refresh your knowledge.  I am also including Help link too, so hopefully between those two, you will have what you need to sort things out.  Oh, one thing that can help in your situation is to just comment the Section Access line in your script, that way the table becomes visible in your data model editor, so you can have a look at your links etc. and use some list boxes in the app to see what is actually happening when you select things etc., I find it fairly useful to try to figure out what has gone wrong.




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