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Creator II
Creator II

Select in field is not working

Good day, everyone!

I added two new fields for front end filters using a cross table as per the need, and I can see values for those two new fields, which are flag and compliance.

Now, in my dashboard, I'm utilizing the 'select in field' functionality on a text box, and when I click on it, it takes me to the detail page, but it's not working properly; filters aren't being applied as I move from the text box to the detail page.

When it navigates to the detail page, I use the following expression (select in field) on the text box:

=pick((match(flag, flag_1, flag_2, flag_3)),'xyz','abc','def').

Flag and compliance are the names of the filters.

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It's not clear what's going on in flag, flag_1, flag_2, and flag_3. If these are field names, note that this will only work if there is a single possible value in both flag and at least one of the other fields, as referring to a field with multiple possible values in this manner will return null.