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Selecting Arbitrary Date Ranges

Learn how to make arbitrary date range selections using a from and to date selection.


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First of all thank you for the posted video!

But still I have a problem with my date ranges. It seems like I can select fields on change of variables(Calendar object) using trigger

but I can't do it in other way around... by selecting dates in the field my variables are not changing

Why is that?

I've attached my qvw file.


If found the issue.  You had a typo in your variable names for the triggers that were setting the variables when a selections was made on the date field. Under Document Properites -> Triggers  I changed the Field Event Triggers for Datums.

You had the variable as: vSakuma Datums  when it needs to be vSakumaDatums  (no space)

You also had the variable as: vBeigudatums when it needs to be vBeiguDatums (capital 'D')

Hope that helps.


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I'm sorry for this misspelling in my test qvw file. I created it in a hurry.

Did you check if it's working without these stupid mistakes?

Can't open this because at home I have only personal edition.

I think this is not my issue... it isn't working for me with correct variable names as well.

If i's working.. pls add corrected file.

And one more question, if I'm selecting one year in listbox, calendar objects will show first and last day of the selected year (for the selected moth respectively)?



Yes it does work with the corrections. Here is a copy of the QVW.


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Thank you very much for the post.  As a newbie to QlikView I found this straightforward and to the point.  Now I wish the QV Community Search would have found it; I had to Google this toppic to find you.  The good news is it was at the top of the results.  Again, thank you.


Great video, thanks!

I realized that my firstsortedvalue formulas would pick most current records in the year I selected on my listbox, then not show them if they were outside the variable date range in my inputboxes.  This did a beautiful job synchronizing inputbox and listbox and letting the chart expression pull what it's supposed to pull.  (I'm working with timestamped records, so it would be excruciating to try to manually select from thousands of timestamps in the listbox. )

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Specialist II

Great Video Thanks


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Thanks pretty much for your clear explanation, It's working good!

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Hi everybody.

I followed the instructions on the video, but have problems with the EndDate. Look what happens:calendar.JPG.jpg

"Emisión Comprobante" is like the OrderDate in the video.

"Selecciones Actuales" means "Current Selections".

I'm using calendar objects. When selecting the start date, the selection is made. When selecting the end date, nothing changes.

What I'm doing wrong?