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Server Objects Won't Come Out After First Login


I am building a button to clone object, the job of thebutton is basically clone an object and set the object id of the new createdclone object with some postfix such as “PRR” or “IAR” so the “CH01” object willbecome “CH01PPR”, because we need it to recognize what kind of report it is, wecannot do it with the table title because the users are allowed to change thetable name.

The button works well locally but we have a problem in the webclient. When the user clone a table aka report “CH01”, the new created tablehas the object  id “CH01PPR”. But when we close the browser and log inagain, we cannot see the report which is cloned earlier. Therefore, I checkedthe server objects of the document  from QEMC, I found that the serveractually created 2 objects which are “CH01” and “CH01PRR”. However, what wewant the system to show is just “CH01PRR” object.

Besides that, I found the “CH01PRR” object from therepository when I am using the application from the web client and I tried topull the object “CH01PRR” to the sheet and click “Add a link”. After that, theobject is available in the next login already. By the way, I have already triedto use the application with Ajax and IE plugin, both platforms worked the same.

To help you to understand my problem, I have attached asample document in this mail.

Thank you.

Server Objects Won't Come Out After First Login
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