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Creator III
Creator III

Session CAL Timeouts (User Dedicated & Shared)

So I have been reading on timeouts in quite a few posts and I am aware there us a server setting in Management Console as well as individual documents. We have dozens of reports in our environment as well as 20 user dedicated CALs  and 1 shared CAL for less frequent users.

The issue I am having is similar to others. We have users that have a dedicated CAL that use QV in a meeting, when they stop to discuss and come back to a report, all of their selections are gone and the have been timed out. I want to be able to allow users to not be timed out in meetings, but without affecting the Shared CAL. The Shared needs a short timeout in case another person who uses the this CAL needs to access a report and another user leaves the report open on their desktop when they are finished.

I assuming even if you change the server "Maximum Inactive Session Time", the document setting trumps that if it is lower. I also don't want to have to go into every single report we have and change these settings

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