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Contributor III
Contributor III

Set Analysis Expression Syntax Issue

I am trying to create a dynamic search string in the set analysis expression using variables, but it doesn't seem to work.

I have 2 variables that store the dynamic selections from year and month field, which are then used in the main expression's set analysis.

Variable Definitions:

Let vEP_Month = Chr(39) & Concat(Distinct If(GetSelectedCount(Revenue_Month) = 0, MaxMonthTxt, Revenue_Month) , Chr(39) &  ',' & Chr(39))  & Chr(39);

Let vEP_Year = Chr(39) & Concat(Distinct  If(GetSelectedCount(Fiscal_Year) = 0, $(MaxYear), Fiscal_Year), Chr(39) & ',' & Chr(39)) & Chr(39);

Variable Outputs:


Expression to calculate Revenue

Sum({<Fiscal_Year = {$(vEP_Year)}, Revenue_Month = {$(vEP_Month)}>} Net_Revenue_YTD)

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Try this:

Sum({<Fiscal_Year = {$(=vEP_Year)}, Revenue_Month = {$(=vEP_Month)}>} Net_Revenue_YTD)


Sum({<Fiscal_Year = {$(=$(vEP_Year))}, Revenue_Month = {$(=$(vEP_Month))}>} Net_Revenue_YTD)