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Set Analysis & Single Quotes in the Element Set

Single quotes or no single quotes when it comes to the element set, I'm looking to clarify this as the video's I've watched on set definitely require single quotes for literals and double quotes for searches.

However, the link I'm sharing is possibly suggesting otherwise, so I'd like to get your feedback...

"Unless the listed values contain blanks or special characters, quotes are not needed. The listed values will simply be matched with the field values. This comparison is case-insensitive.

If the listed values contain blanks or special characters, or if you want to use wildcards, then you need to enclose the values in quotation marks. Single quotes should be used if the listed values are explicit field values. Then case sensitive matches between the listed values and the individual field values will be made."

So, for example, could I have

          sum({$<Type = {'Shoes'}>}Sales)   -- case insensitive

          sum({$<Type = {Shoes}>}Sales)   -- case sensitive

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