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Contributor III

Set Analysis Syntax to Switch KPI

I have a new requirement from my Business Analyst and I hope someone has encountered this along the line and help with the Set Analysis Syntax.


Currently, I have a KPI that is parsed by customer, each customer has a separate tab. 


Because the screens are identical we'd like to integrate both customers under one tab. 


My KPI, however, is just a sum on columns for customer 1 in the first tab and  customer 2 in the second tab.


Customer 1  Sales Totals to Tab 1

Customer 2  Sales Totals to Tab 2


If our user selects customer 2 what kind of set analysis would I have to have in order to switch between the two?


Customer 1 is the default then I want to switch and display customer 2 totals and back again.

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Why do you need set analysis for this? That seems more like a default behavior....

Contributor III
Contributor III


Thank you for the reply!

What we are doing is totally up each line by customer, current year and previous year, and then subtracting each for difference.

Interesting you mentioned default!

Can you expand on that idea because this might be something simple I'm over looking!

Thanks for the help!





I believe to what Sunny was referring is the fact when a user makes a selection, we calculate things based upon that selection, so that is was confusing, as you did not mention you wanted something to calculate outside the selections, which is when you would want to use Set Analysis.  The best I have for you is the following specific Design Blog post on Set Analysis, and then I will put the base URL for the Design Blog area below that in case you want to search the posts there further on your own, these are mostly how-to posts from our experts, so you should be able to get some useful ideas looking in that area.

I think you will need to provide further clarification of the use case to get further responses from others.


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