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Contributor II
Contributor II

Setting a Variable Definition In Script

I'm trying to create a variable within script that will then display this variable in a text box.  Currently in the script I have:

SET varData_Status_Year='=[Year] & '/' & ([Year] + 1)';

(where [Year] is the year selected by the user)

The output I am trying to get is e.g. 2013/2014

But when I reload the information and look at the textbox, all I get displayed is the text =[Year] & '/' & ([Year]+1) despite assigning the variable varData_Status_Year to the textbox.  It's as if the definition of the variable hasn't been evaluated.

Any ideas warmly welcome.  Can I even concatenate existing fields with text to create a variable???

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Michael,

Upon looking at your answer I realised where I had gone wrong.  I thought I had tried your suggestion of the dollar sign before the brackets, but I think that I was using a different variable at the time.  I was using a variable varData_Status_YEAR as opposed to varData_Status_Year.

Just shows you the importance of writing the variable exactly as it is defined.  Doh!

Apologies for this guys.  Query answered!