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Contributor II
Contributor II

Setting the security as an Analyzer

I have set the security in a Qlikview KPI and granted several users the access to the KPI as a user. But as a user they still have the capabilty to add new charts and graphs to the document. How can I block that and avoid that users can cjhange the layout of the KPI?

Thanks for any help!

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I'm assuming the users are opening the document from the server, either via "Open in Server" or via Access Point. And that the new charts and graphs are Server Collaboration Objects.

You can turn off Server Collaboration globally at the server.

Or you can turn off Server Collaboration at the document level in the Docuument Properties, Server tab.


Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for your reaction, Rob!

I am running Qlikview on a Terminal server, as a standalone application. The user is defined by the domainname. I know that in version 8 you were able to define the user as an analyst. That's just what I want to do: Admit access as a Analyzer .



So the users are running QV.exe on the terminal server?

How were you setting the user to Analyzers in V8? Two settings in V8, RunLevel and RunAsAnalyzer are no longer available in V9.

The best I can think is to use the document properties or file security to prohibit USER from saving the document.


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I'm wondering about this too. Can we still limit per user who can "collaborate"? It seems that it's an all or nothing setting now.

It will be necessary specially for security standpoint to disallow certain users from creating their own objects. Unless ofcourse a very stringent section access scheme is done.

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I agree with you at all.
It seems there's no way to give an appropriate authentication for "collabarate" to each users.

However, in the view of the server spec or an operation issue,
it would be nice if it is possible to control.

If you've got a solution, I would be happy if you could share.