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Creator III
Creator III

Simple QlikView Writeback Extension


Could anyone give me assistance on a QlikView writeback extension that exists or writing a simple one?  All that I need to do is have an input box and a submit button.  When the user enters text into the input box and clicks submit, it kicks off a stored procedure on our Teradata database server and passes the text from the input box as a parameter to write the data to the database table.

I've tried macro's, but because of limitations on our server, I can't work this through.

I've also reached out to several extension companies online and am not having any luck.  Thank you for your help!


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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

An easier option may be to do a Database Command Supporting Task that would run the Stored Proc call, I am not sure about the parameter piece in this case though...  

Here is Help Doc for Extensions just in case you had not found that:


Here is Help doc on the Support Task I mentioned:


Hopefully this gets you moving forward with things.


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Creator III
Creator III

Thank you for your reply!!  I'm not understanding the 'Database Command', even looking through the documentation.  Is it something set up in the QMC under the document?  Maybe it is hidden to me since I don't own the server, but I can do most things with tasks in the QMC.