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Solution for multi-use of DateTable?


I have 10 tables in this solution.

The problem is that 5 tables need a relationship to the DateTable in order to view their data on a timeline on the same chart.

I guess its a known issue which developers tend to avoid using multiple keys or concatanations (or they just don't mind all those SYNC tables)

I prefer not to use concatenations, and It creates to many Sync tables for my taste.

Any suggestions?

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You need concatenations or 5 unique data tables.

I suggest you do the concatenation. This is preferable for QV, since there won't remain links that need to be handled.

If you want to be able to see what field belongs to what table, just do a qualification ...


The key field for all 5 tables needs to be like '%*_Key'. So for instance: %CalenderDate_Key

This way the 5 tables can be concatenated and all the fields will still be identifyable by the original tablename before each field.


So there is no avoiding concatenation then...OK.

What is the "%" good for? or is it just your naming convention..?

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Yes, the '%' is a standard used by QV, but you can use whatever you like. You can also leave it out just use '_Key'.

The point is to create a unique naming convention for your keys.