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Stacked Bar Chart 2 Expression


i would represent the information like in the picture

I've 2 dimension (Year, Product) and 2 expression. First expression is sum(sales). For the second expression i would represent the Budget like a popup or something like that. I try to make something like this:

but obiouvsly the value is not located above the sale that it could refer to.

I even try to make some changes here (bar chart with 2 dimensions (Year,Product) and 1 expression (Sum(Sales)) but it doesn't work:

I try to insert an expression in 'Label' field but it doesn't work:

Any suggestion?


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I don't think that this is possible in QlikView. (But I'm not 100% sure)

But you could use a custom popup to show the values as popup.

Take a look at the attached Document, there you can see how to create a custom popup as expression.

And don't forget to uncheck Pop-up labels under the Presentation tab.


Sebastian Lettner