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Statistically clean data in dashboard

Hello Everyone,

   I am new to the world of Qlikview, and right now I am enjoying it. My current dashboard involves analyzing user provided data, which of course provides its own challenges with respect to quality.

My question is, is there a way to clean the data using statistics, for instance, removing any data more the X std dev away?

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Welcome & All the best !

yes you can....but describe more about  your problem with data.(QVW).

Have look Statistics functions.

Statistical functions.jpg


See this example in the QV Cookbook

for an example of removing outliers from a chart.


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My app concerns showing a competitive pricing database's information.  This information is supplied by salespeople in the field.  So lets say my company deals with widgets and the average price of a widget is $1,000.00.  Some users have put in erroneous information, for example, a widget that costs $1.00 or $1MM.  These records are clearly the result of user error but enough of these errors will skew the data and can lead to bad decisions.  My goal is to use statistics and say "If the price of a widget is X standard deviations from the mean, remove/hide it from the usable/viewable data set".

Thanks for your help.