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Straight table column order changes by itself after reload


I have a straight able that contains approx. 5 dimensions and approx. 20 expressions. After a recent upgrade to v12.2 SR4, I'm finding that one of the dimensions is being automatically pushed to the extreme right of the straight table, after remote reload on the server's Enterprise Management Console. And, if I change the order of the dimensions, it's always the last dimension in the list that gets pushed right to the end of the straight table - see example below. Also, the horizontal scrollbar that used to be displayed under just the expressions has now been replaced by a horizontal scrollbar which extends across both the dimensions and the expressions.

Could someone please explain why this is occurring? This straight table hasn't been changed in 3-4 years - the column ordering and scrollbar position was fine before the upgrade to v12.2 SR4.

Thanks so much.


Scrollbar position before QV software upgrade - under just the expressions:


Scrollbar position after QV software upgrade - spread across the dimensions and expressions:


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