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Straight table with input boxes: hide rows that do not match


I have a straight table that shows several fields for product information, and a monetary value as expression (although it is not really an expression, as already calculated during the load)

I now added an input box with two variables to be able to filter for product within that range:

     =only(if([TCV Reportet (Produkt).P] >= vMin and [TCV Reportet (Produkt).P] <= vMax, [TCV Reportet (Produkt).P]))

This is working, except for the fact all the products that do not match remain in the list with a value of '-'. How can I filter them to only show rows matching the input box values?



3 Replies

I assume that you are using a chart ..... ?

I assume that the above is for a calculated dimension or filter .....

You will need to ensure that the expression is null or zero too to ensure that the values do not appear. So you need to put the above expression round your existing expression and ensure zeroes are not displayed.

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Yes, a straight table chart.

The above is one of the expressions.

How can I set all others to null to let these rows disappear?

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if( len(<your expression>)>0, <your expression>)