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Partner - Contributor

String functions for "find several values"


I'm looking for a way to define if multiple substrings are contained in a string. Actually I'm talking about months.

I want for example to know if one of the months of the string :


is contained in the string :


The functions like substringcount of index will not work (alone at leaste) because it's actually 2 differents substring that I'm looking for.

The strings will dynamically change with selections.

Any ideas?


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

How many individual months can be in both of the strings are we taking about a handful or just a unique set of maximum twelve?

Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

It might look a bit horrible this expression but it seems to do the trick...













And as long as v1 contains a maximum of 12 values the v2 could contain as many more values.

v1 and v2 could be either variables (with strings) or one specific field value in a row in a chart.