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Sum of rows Pivot table


I have one straight table and one pivot table in which I want to sum up the total where 0,1-0,5 sums up to 0 and 0,6-0,9 sums up to 1.

In the straight table I have marked Sum of Rows in the total mode in the expression tab and that sums up to a correct number. The expression is Round(Sum)(Full_equivalents))

Then I have a pivot table showing months on the X axis and suppliers on the Y axis. In the pivot table I can´t make any changes in the expression tab, i.e. I can´t mark the Sum of Rows in the total mode and therefore it is not summing up the totals correct.

Have anyone had a similar problem? I don´t see why it sums up differently since it gathers data from the same database



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Can you not just use Round(Sum(...),1) ?

In my opinion, you should avoid "Sum of Rows", since the straight table then may show a number which is different from what the data suggests. The only case when "Expression total" and "Sum of Rows" show different numbers, is when a record (or dollar or unit) can belong to two different rows in the chart. Then it will be counted twice if you use "Sum of Rows" and once if you use "Expression total ".


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What is the ),1) for? What I can see nothing happens when I add that.

Thanks for the info. However when I use "Sum of Rows" the sum is lower than if I use "Expression Total" and the "Sum of Row" is the correct calculation and therefore I want to have the same output in the pivot table



The 1 simply defines to what it should round. But you're right - if you want to round to integers, it is redundant. It will round to integers in either case.

Can you post an example?


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I´m sorry but I´m new to Qlikview, where do I post an example? Do I share the whole project?

Thanks 😃