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Summary level data to be frozen

Concept Of National Average:

We calculate a particular expression i.e NOP Pdty to freeze this number and compare this summary (company level data) with niche level data. For-example if a user logs in the data will be reduced according to the access level provided to him/her.

We want to compare the data of user with summary level data and accordingly show an image.

Expression for  NOP Pdty:


As visible in the above image, in the first portion we have a summarized data as no user is selected from list box Col1. NOP Pdty is our expression. NOP Pdty National Avg is the same expression which needs to be frozen regardless of user access level.

In the first section of the image we can see that no selection is made in Col1 and we have equal values for NOP Pdty and NOP Pdty National Avg.

In the Second section of the image a selection has been made in Col1 list box and hence the values of NOP Pdty expression changes. We can also see that Values of NOP National average are the same in spite of the selection.

As of now we are freezing the numbers by exporting the table values at a summarized level and using the exported tables as qvd's.

This being a lengthy and tedious process we would like some suggestions to overcome this.

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