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Supress when null in Pivot Table

Hi All,

I have a pivot table with 4 expressions in it.

I want to suppress zero/null values just for 1 expression and not others ( a business requirement).

But when i am doing that from presentation tab and Checking "Suppress values when null" , this is getting applied to all the  expressions and not just that particular one.

I have tried writing conditional expression but not of any help. Please Guide.

[Elaborated Situation: Actually i am calculating share expression for products (Volume of one product/Volume of all products), when i am selecting any product the expression is getting calculated for that but the rows corresponding to other products are 0 and the table is not reducing]

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Which expression you want to suppress

You might need to use expression like this

Len(Expression) > 0

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Hi Shilpa

IF ( Len(Expression) > 0 , Expression)  this should work.


Hope this resolve your issue.
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Master II

if possible share the sample application for better resolution of your query.


When you have multiple expressions in a table , it won't be possible to suppress zero/null for just one of the equation. what you can do it replace the zero/null to something

IF ( Len(Expression) > 0 , Expression) will give a empty bucket for the values not present

IF ( Len(Expression) < 0 , 0,Expression) will give Zero values for the values not present

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Thanks all,

It wasn't working this way. as i had share expressions !

Temporarily i made separate chart for some of the expressions.


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