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Switching Axis on line chart


I have had a look at some other question relating to this but cannot find something that works for me.

I have a dimension which contains 3 values only, then I have Expressions which is a sum of values in a field. If I do a line chart I need to have the line chart showing the other way around. See the attached example. Note the  Months are sums of values not the dimension

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you need to provide the month as dimension

then your Expression would be as easy as: sum(Values)

and having month as Dimension you can decide which Dimension to Show on which axes

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The rest of the data and what I need to do with it does not lend itself towards that. I could make some changes to the load statement but we already have other issues we are trying to solve with the data layout on the same model.

I tried adding a calculated dimension and then the other field as the expression, but that does not work. . Is there no other option other than changing the other data format.

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My Dimension is currently a single field, by Expressions are Sum(ActualJuly), sum(ActualAug) etc for a year. If I change my coding so the month is a  dimension, but I also need the other field as a dimension will it work