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Dear Folks ...

Tasks in QMC they are not running. which we use to generate pdf.

when manually run them they are not in progress to generate PDF 

There are multiple tasks got scheduled on the same document.

Configured some sample tasks on another document to check with the status of running and they are in progress.

Now the existing task started and taking long time to execute with the sample tasks.

When i tried killing/stop the tasks they are not getting stopped .

NOTE: Restarted  the services as well

Any help is appreciable.

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The ManagementService file will be stored in the computer where the QMS is running, not the QDS.


As i posted earlier that I'm working on server with CPU 4 Cores and 64 GB Memory

Here it is mentioned as CUPAffinity = "1111" in DistributionService.xml file

Now if i enhance this config to CUPAffinity = "1110"

will this free one cpu core to restrict the 100% usage


1110 will tell QlikView to use as much as 3 CPUs, but be aware that the other CPU will be busy with OS stuff, antivirus, etc.

Also bear in mind that this setting disappears in QlikView 12, there is no way to set up CPU affinity for the Distribution Service


As I'm having poor Admin knowledge i would like to know

whether this CpuAffinity config is recomended for cpu with 4 core.


According to Qlik's best practices and as a rule of thumb: the more resources, the better, and that's why the removed this setting in QlikView 12. So using all CPUs should be fine even if they are at 100% for some time.

There are some actions, like saving a file or doing a JOIN which requires more CPU than usual, so it's completely normal to see the CPU usage spiking to 100% for a few seconds, then down to 20% (or even less) and then up again to 80%-90%. This is perfectly fine.

Factors that affect this usage are file size (saving files of several GBs takes a lot of resources), complexity of the script (aggregations, functions used, JOINs), size of the tables (dozens of columns with very distinct values), etc.

If for any reason this usage makes the system unstable, there are usually two reasons

  1. The script/data model/files are too big and they should be reduced or the environment needs more resources (e.g.: natural growth in complexity, or distribution service in the same computer than QlikView Server and increase in the number of users)
  2. There are other processes in Windows competing for those resources (antivirus mostly, but could also be a backup or snapshot software)

If none of those two are the case, then report to Qlik Support so they can investigate further.


Hello Miguel, I'm using QV12 and tasks are getting queued, how can I change the threshold in QDS by changing number of simultaneous jobs?