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Table which just shows values from script

I just need to create a table like this just for the overview of some variables in my script code:

Category2013For Peter in August

These four values are in variables called:

Set vApples2013 = 'Sum(Apples2013)'; // 10

Set vBananas2013 = 'Sum(Bananas2013)'; // 7

Set ApplesForPeter = 'Sum({($<month={August}>)} PetersAppleTable)'; // 1

Set BananasForPeter = 'Sum({($<month={August}>)} PetersBananaTable)'; // 2

So all I want to have is this excel-like table to show some variables from my script code:

Categotry2013For Peter in August
Apples=Sum(Apples2013)=Sum({($<month={August}>)} PetersAppleTable)
Bananas=Sum(Bananas2013)=Sum({($<month={August}>)} PetersBananaTable)

Is this possible?

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If the table layout is quite static, I think it would be easiest to just use a couple of text boxes to simulate a table (using background color etc).

You can evaluate your variables maybe like


in one of these text boxes.

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@swuehl: Your approach is a not-so-very-nice workaround. I'll use it if I don't find any other solution.

I'm looking for an approach like an inline table like:


Load * inline [
Category, 2013, For Peter in August
Apples, $(vApples2013), $(vApplesForPeter)
Bananas, $(vBananase2013), $(vBananasForPeter)

But I don't find a solution that the values are shown in the table.

See file in the attachment. Maybe you can make it work?