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Master III
Master III

Target Line In Stacked Bar Chart

Hi Folks,

I'm having stacked bar chart like below:

Now I'm trying to show Target line by AsOfMonth as per below mapping:

load * Inline [

AsOfMonth,    Target

201701,    81.186

201702,    93.886

201703,    125.378

201704,    98.453

201705,    6.937

201706,    128.632

201707,    62.659

201708,    9.026

201709,    6.164

201710,    6.386

201711,    19.101

201712,    21.695


To do this I'm calling second expression as sum(Sales) ,but chart now looks like below:

But this is not what I'm looking for , I want same first stacked bar chart in addition target line.

Any suggestions how this is possible ???

Attached is sample qvw.



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Master II
Master II

see attached

hope this helps

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Master II
Master II

see attached

hope this helps

Champion III
Champion III

You will need to keep only one Dimension and add one expression for each stack item in the chart

only then can you have a separate line in a stack chart

Vineeth Pujari
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