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Text instead of numeric values in Y axis on a Scatter chart


According to‌ , a Scatter chart is "Scatter chart is very useful in displaying the relationship between 2 numeric values over a dimension."

Now i'm wondering, if I have a column with text values that are either "High" or "Low". Can they be in a y-axis of a scatter chart? See attached file.

I've tried for a while, but it doesnt seems to be working, or maybe Im just doing it wrong..

Thanks in advance

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May be use this with the dual function.... Have not tried it, but you can give it a short

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I gave it a shot, but I dont think it's working, or maybe i'm just doing it wrong?

In my load script:


Dual(if(Probability= 1, 'LOW', if(Probability= 2, 'HIGH', 'No category')),Probability) as ProbabilityTest


(ooxml, embedded labels, table is TB01_20170712_154626);

and in the Y-axis expression of my scatter chart, i tried the following:




this dosent work, no nodes/plots in my chart are displayed at all...

But when using:


All the nodes in the charts are then being displayed. But on the Y Axis there are only numbers (1 and 2 that is).

But i really wish I could display LOW or HIGH instead of the unclear numers...

Got any more advice? Anything is appreciated



Go through below link-

Scatter Chart ‒ QlikView

This says that -

The scatter chart presents pairs of values from two expressions. This is useful when you want to show data where each instance has two numbers, for example, country (population and population growth).

I'm not sure but might be text value we can't show in scatter chart.


I don't think it will be suitable for scatter plot, if you want to use the text then go for bubble char.

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But isn't a bubble chart in qlikview a scatter chart? Or is bubble chart something else?

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yea, it looks like that... What could I use instead? If I want a graph looking like the graph in the attached file in the question above?


Only difference between them is, scatter plot uses measures on both X & Y axis, while bubble chart uses dimensions on both X & Y axis.

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Using the dimensions as X and Y axis is not possible with scatter chart/plot, it will be required to use expressions.

So you mean I should use something else? How can I create a bubble chart using dimensions in qlikview? Using a grid chart? The problem with grid chart, as I see it, is that my X axis will not look like my graph in the attached file. Since it's a grid chart, all X values of all the nodes will appear in the X axis (And I want the X axis to be 500, 1000, 1500 and so on...). I can always group them I guess but then they will all stack and making it unreadable.. And with grid chart i cant really specify the X axis scale either.

So my question to you is, how can i create a bubble chart, using dimensions, that looks something like this:


Thanks for taking the time, much appreciated.