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Contributor III
Contributor III

The Power of the Rainbow

aka: The Power of Green, White, Gray, Blue, Yellow, and Red.

There are obviously numerous articles discussing the benefits of QlikView's color scheme; however, most restrict discussion to Green, Whtie and Gray. Blue, Yellow, and Red are generally mentioned only in articles specific to their usage. Thus, I decided to make a decision table for the rules that determine which color will be used for every QlikView color:

Any FilterThis FilterThis Filter's ValuesComments
Has Selections?Has Selections?Is Locked?Is Showing Alts?StateSubstateColor
YesYesNoEITHERSelectedOr/AndN/AGreenIf any newly-selected values were Gray, the selected values in all unlocked filters that are responsible for (or, contribute to) excluding the formerly-Gray selected values become Gray. This assumes the intention is to change selections, since otherwise the selections yield no data.
YesYesYesEITHERSelectedOr/AndN/ABlueThe selected values of a locked filter cannot change and do not visually indicate the logic mode (OR/AND).
YesYesEITHEREITHERSelectedNotN/ARedOnly available in AND mode.
YesYesEITHERYesExcludedN/APossibleYellowThis reduces the process of switching selections within an unlocked filter from 2 steps to 1 step.
Quick Intelligence: The Power of Yellow
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