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Creator III
Creator III

To convert comma to dot in decimal number

Hi all,

Could any one give me the syntax to change a decimal number with "." (dot) instead of ","(comma).

From database I am fethcing a field value and storing its first value to a variable using peek function.

The values in that fields are decimal number like below.

var_Value = 0,7854

Now I want to chamge this value so instead of "," I want ".". (i.e., Instead of 0,7854 I want 0.7854)

Because I am using this value in calculation.

Can any one help me in this??

Thank you

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use replace() function


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use replace() function


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replace('0,7854',',','.') returns 0.7854

Master II
Master II

try this

LOAD Replace(F1,',','.')as New, * INLINE [









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if your question is resolved then you have might to give either correct or helpful answer to closed this thread.

so that it might be helpful for other developers



Creator III
Creator III

Thanks for your solution. It worked. I didnt check your solution and that is the reason why I didnt mark my thread.



Leni Balakrishnan