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Top Products/Customers/Whatever Per Dimension (e.g Period) in a Pivot

It seems like I have an unusual request, although I think this would be very useful in many business domains.

I would like to show our top products per period in a pivot table. The result should look something like this. I'll try to draw it as I haven't seen any examples.

     Period          Jan-2014     Feb-2014     Mar-2014


1                         ProdA          ProdA          ProdA

2                         ProdD          ProdB          ProdC

3                         ProdC          ProdD          ProdB

The ranking should be done by some aggregation (e.g. sum of sales, or sum of unique users).

The tricky part in this is that the isn't an obvious dimension/measure split. All the items visible are really dimensions, and the measure is hidden within the Ranking.

Can anyone help with this?


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No one ever got this request really?