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Total Mode 'greyed out' - no partial sums showing

I am trying to show partial sums on my pivot table, I normally have no problems, so can't understand what why today I'm having difficulties!

I have selected the 'partial sum' on the relevant expressions in the presentation tab, but no total rows appear.

I noticed in the expressions tab the Totals Mode box is completely greyed out ....for all the expressions (see attached screen shot).

Can anyone point in the direction of enabling the totals?

Many thanks


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Contributor III
Contributor III

I had the same problem as you Leah, "Show Partial Sums" greyed out. But when I "Unticked" the "Indent Mode" in Style tab, then "Show Partial Sums" has been enabled again. This works for me.

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Hi Harshal,

Aggregating in the script will not work in my situation as I want Add-Hoc Report. I have to manage it in front end only.   I tried it in many ways and unfortunately it's not possible to do it in QV.   (14 Dimensions & 44 Expressions). Really tough.. The only option I found was, Split the Chart into separate chart with different set of Expressions and give different set of selections for Dimensions.. which is not user friendly and not even useful option..

Then finally I convert my chart into Straight table which was 80% faster than the usual. This is the only way to work out with such kind of charts...


-- Yojas


I forgot to mark your answer as correct, this solution worked a treat!    Indeed Clever Anjos, you live up to your name

Thank you



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