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Total Modifier Question

Hi guys,

Here is my data set.


ID  LinkedID

1    5

4    7

1     8

Table 2:

ID    Date

1    01/02/2012

4    03/05/2014

5    08/09/2013

7    08/07/2015

8     05/04/2014

Now the chart should be like this:

ID      LinkedID      DateforID      DateForLinkedID

1        5                01/02/2012    08/09/2013

4        7                03/05/2014    08/07/2015

1       8                  01/02/2012   05/04/2014

The dimension used is




and expression used is

1. only(Date)

2. Pick(Match(ID&LinkedID, $(=concat(ID&LinkedID, ','))), Only(TOTAL {<ID = {5}>} Date),  Only(TOTAL {<ID = {8}>} Date), Only(TOTAL {<ID = {7}>}Date))

It gives the right chart but I cannot use the hard coded value in only(Total<>) expression because in real world there would be plenty of unknown values of linkedID . it has to be replaced by something dynamic which can produce the right value of ID for each row.

Any suggestion?



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Specialist III
Specialist III

in your total add the the field grouping <ID>

is like this

sum(total <field> metric)

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Sorry but i did not understand.

Can you please give me the full expression?

Specialist III
Specialist III

This will do the grouping by ID, for your total

Pick(Match(ID&LinkedID, $(=concat(ID&LinkedID, ','))), Only(TOTAL <ID> Date))

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Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.59.32 PM.png

Hi Ramon,

It is not working...

it is giving me the above output...check the last column.

The last column should have the same value as Column DateForLinkedID.


Specialist III
Specialist III

yes I just realized this myself

may I ask why didn't you continue with the mapping that you had in your the file? That would be several times better than doing this with your complex expression in the front end


I am back ... See if you like the method I have used in the attached file.



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that's really clever!

Man, thank you so much for doing it!

now the question remains....can we regenerate the Subfileds expressions for all linkedIDs by using some iterative functions like ValueMap or not.

Right now, in this data set we have only 3 linkedIDs but in real I will have 1000s of linkedIDS. So practically it is not possible to write so many variables.

So the next that I am going to try is regenerate the SubField Expression for all linkedIDs.


Script is again not an option? or is it okay to create variables???

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Script is not an option for now.

Creating variables is ok