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Contributor III
Contributor III

Totaling for Previous Years with Current Year as an expression

To all

Currently I trying to resolve a problem with current and previous year totals.

I have a sales for a 2020 and then in following columns I want to be able to total up the previous so I can apply those values to "delta".

The issue I am having in using the sum function and year-1 is it's creating another row for the previous year (see attached)

What I want in the row is current year, sales and then previous years sales.

What I am getting is current year, sales and the an entirely new row of previous year and sales.

So how do I do this??


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Is "Current year" the same thing as "Year" in the set analysis? If not - how are you arriving at "Current year"? It doesn't seem like "Current Year" should have a possible value of 2019 in this context, as that's not the "Current Year" - 2020 is.

You could, for example, use a synthetic dimension here, such as:


Contributor III
Contributor III

What it turned out to be was we were not using "back" and "forward".   That was new to our team.