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Track changes to table object in qlikview

Hi All,

I have a requirement to track changes made by the end user.

Just to be a more clear I do not want to track the developer changes to the application.

My application is quite simple , I have a data file which I load in qlikview  and run some analysis rules and fill the analysis column.

I then replace the original data sheet with my analysed sheet .

This process continues multiple times.(in the second run the analysed sheet from 1st run would be used).

The end user can also manually go and update the analysis column .

Now, I have to track the changes which the user makes manually for which I have a column 'Manual Description' which will be updated by the user when he makes any changes manually to the analysis column.

I have all the data in table object on my qv dashboard and want to track changes made to the data in the table objet(I can use column 'Manual Description' and display it on the dashboard with the datetime and logged in user name.

I am using a desktop application as of now.

Any heads up would be great!



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