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Creator II
Creator II

Trigger in QlikView

Hello All,

I want to achieve few things using triggers. I have a field called Product Name and I want to set a trigger which will take me to an other sheet/tab(which is active) based on my select from Product Name field.

I have 5 tab as Dashboard, Customer, Details, Order and data. If I select anything from Product Name field then it should  take me to Details tab.

Also, give me few more examples of Trigger function in QlikView under Document Security.


Imran Khan

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Specialist II
Specialist II


you can achive this with a trigger on field level.

Go to Document Properties (CRTL + ALT + D)

Then go to Sheet Triggers and select your field <Product Name>

Add a trigger on selection -> Layout -> Activate Sheet -> Enter your sheet Name Details

Thats it. For more information look into Reference Manual.

But the best way to learn about trigger is playing with them. Just try them out.