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Trigger when clicked on a pivot table.

Hi All,

Can we implement the case when the user clicks on any cell in the pivot table, a trigger should be implemented to open a new chart.

I tried using the filter of the field to trigger an action(table gets filtered when clicked on any cell.). But when the user clicks on the total value, then no filtering happens.. so may trigger fails.

Am thinking of keeping a transparent text box on the totals value and implement but not sure if its the only way. Please help.

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if you want this functionality on all the cells then I think that is way to do that " keeping a transparent text box on the totals value"  or you could try with macro on that chart alone


Thank you, Avinash. But, Am very poor at macros. I can use some help. Or if there any other ways around.


check this its close to your requirement but not the exact one which your looking for

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