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Two problems with conditional display of dimensions in a chart

I have a chart (straight table) with about 30 dimensions, each of which can be conditionally displayed, based on selecting a corresponding value for each field from a separate list box. There is just one expression, which is a very simple sum(sales).

Basically, it's set up in exactly the same way as the example on the Reports tab in the "What's New in Qlikview 11" app.

I have two problems. The first is that displaying certain combinations of dimensions works, but other combinations show the error: Allocated Memory Exceeded. There doesn't seem to be a reason why some combinations work and others don't. All the 30 fields are from the same table and all contain data. Sometimes, displaying 25 of the fields works, but choosing just 1 or 2 produces the error. But then choosing a different 25 fields doesn't work. This is confusing me; I could understand it if a larger number of fields produced the error, but this doesn't seem to be the case. Has anyone experienced this strange behaviour before?

My second problem is probably one that isn't possible, but I'll give it a try. In a straight table chart, is it possible to have a horizontal scroll bar on the dimensions? It seems to me that the horizontal scroll bar is only possible on the expressions bit of the chart.

Many thanks


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I don't know about the Allocated Memory Error, but you are correct about the straight table--you cannot have a scroll bar for dimensions, only for expressions.

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Hi James,

Can you upload an example, I'm sure that would help others.

I've also "borrowed" the Reports tab idea from the QT app.

One of the issues I had which may or may not be related was down to the conditional formula.

The demo app has less than 10 metrics.  When you get to 10 there is a problem.

for example

MetricNo 1

=SubStringCount(Concat(%metricsNo, '|'), 1)

MetricNo 10

=SubStringCount(Concat(%metricsNo, '|'), 10)

When you select metricNo 10 both of these expressions will evaluiate to true.

Because "1" is a substring of "10"

Similar issues can occour in the dimensions if you use field names with the same string.

I got around this using

=Match('My Dimension Name',$(=vDimensions))>0



=Concat(  chr(39)  & %dimension & chr(39) ,',')


=Concat(  chr(39)  & %metricsNo& chr(39) ,',')