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Unable to load the data in excel

Hi All,

Need a help!!!

I am trying to load an excel file which is been created using some other batch script....

When i load it in Qlikview i am seeing only one line of data but there is almost 500 lines of data.

After opening the file with ms excel and saving it. i was able to load the complete data in qlikview.....

Did any one face this issue before?



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Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi Sampath.

I've faced the similar problem. I think the file is saved with xml format.

you can achieve this using macro. First you save as the file using macro then load the file.

Creator II
Creator II

You can use macro for getting data in excel but macro doesnt work in Ajax environment it will only work with IE plugin. Pls take a note of it

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Pradip ,

I am seeing the extension as .Xlsx....


Check the format of file or coding in script while loading the file directly from batch script. File format can be different

Specialist III
Specialist III

Can you upload your .xlsx file?

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Hey Sampath

You are using the Excel file with the extension .Xlsx which is  the version of 2007, I also had face the same problem.Then I have change the format as .xls which is the newly version of excel  and it is perfectly inserted in my QlikView.


Surbhi Sahu

Bisp Solutions Inc