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Unable to use teradata functions

Hello everyone,

I have just moved from one server to another.

I use an ODBC connection to connect to a teradata database.

On my new server, I get an error each time I use an SQL teradata function in the script.

For example, in my sql statetement, if I do SELECT Somedate, ...   it works

But If I do SELECT DATE(Somedate) or MONTH (Somedate), I get the error " Syntax error : Data Type "Somedate" does not a Defined Type name."

Maybe it comes from the ODBC configuration ?

Or do I have to configure something in QV ?

As I said, the application worked on my previous server..

Thank you for your help


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Specialist III
Specialist III

If the Teradata functions are in a SQL statement, did you use the SQL prefix?

SQL  (valid SQL SELECT statement with Teradata SQL functions)

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I did.

As I said, the application worked on my previous server