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Use QVUser to Lookup First Name in Employee table.

Hopefully this is just a quick question I’m using QVUser() to get the users login, but I want to display the users first name in a Text Box. I have an Employee table where I have stored both the login name and the users first name.

I thought it was just a quick case of using Lookup but this is not available as a function ?

Thanks Mark

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Try something like this in a text box first.

= Only({<ClientUserName = {"=QVUser()"}>}  ClientFirstName)


= Only({<ClientUserName = {"QVUser()"}>}  ClientFirstName)

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Hi Aadil

Thanks for quick reply have tried following without any luck. All Users login Id is 8 characters long, that why I have used the "Right" function just to look at the last 8 characters of the login string.

=Only({<LOGIN = {"=right(OSUser(),8"}>} EmployeeFirstName)

=Only({<LOGIN = {"=(right(OSUser(),8)"}>} EmployeeFirstName)

=Only({<LOGIN = {"(right(OSUser(),8)"}>} EmployeeFirstName)

=Only({<LOGIN = {"right(OSUser(),8"}>} EmployeeFirstName)