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Using 2 dimensions and RangeSum in a Line Chart

Struggling with this just now.

I have data which represents defects (%) accumulating by time for several divisions and wanted to graph a trend line.

I have been able to produce a pivot table with the data desired but can not graph.

First Dimension (outer) is the Division, Second Dimension (inner) is the number of days into a process.  One expression...

     rangesum(above(sum(defects),0,rowno())) / rangesum(above(sum(products),0,rowno()))

I have been successful by using multiple expressions each applying a set that limits the data to a single Division but this is not very flexible and challenging for representing more than just a very few Divisions.

Any thoughts?

Ideally I would produce a Line Graph with several lines each representing a different Division and plotting a defect % accross days. Really want to allow the user to select a subset of Divisions.

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Don't understood your question properly but may be try below..

rangesum(above(sum(defects),0,rowno())) / rangesum(above(TOTAL sum(products),0,rowno(TOTAL)))

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Maybe a bit more detail here is some data.

The range sum calculates an expression nicely but to try and graph this is the challenge.  What I would like to have is Days on the x-axis, % Defects (0 - 100%) on the y-axis and separate curves showing the accumulations by Division.