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Using Variable in Dynamic Expression

Hi All,

I have a very basic query which I am not able to figure out as to where I am doing wrong

In a chart expression I have following : Count({<[Actual Build End Date] = {"=Sum([Actual Build End Date]) > 0"}>}vActual) and it evaluates correctly as per my expectations. But I want a very dynamic expression.

Where vActual is defined as GetFieldSelections(Actual) and results in value selected from the inline table Actual and one of the selected value is [Actual Build End Date]. It means the value of  variable vActual is [Actual Build End Date].

I want to dynamically make expression of count such that it ignores all empty values from the field [Actual Build End Date]. There is one dimension called Week, which is not relevant here. My intention is that for the given week I want count of all rows in the field [Actual Build End Date] which has one or other date ignoring blanks.

Can you all help me by substituting my variable name in the main expression which is red in color. I hope I am clear in my query.


Manish Prasad

1 Reply

As per my understanding, you want to count the "Actual Build End Date" field and ignore the blanks, I think you can use the below in your script when you load the data:

Load ......,

           If(IsNull("Actual Build End Date") or "Actual Build End Date"='',0,1) as "Actual Build End Date Counter"

From ........

Then in your expression just use Sum("Actual Build End Date Counter")

Yousef Amarneh