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Partner - Creator

Using condition on select field in Button object

Hi All,

I have following requirements on which I am stuck .

1)Legal button-

If legal_cust field contains 'Y' select 'Y' value in legal_cust else select 'Y' in legal_transaction field.

2)Dispute button -

If dispute_cust field contains 'Y' select 'Y' value in dispute_cust else select 'Y' in dispute_transaction field.

3)Collectable button

If neither legal_Cust or legal_Transaction field or dispute_cust or dispute_Transaction fields contain'Y' value then it is treated as Collectable.There is no field as such for Collectable.

How will this logics work in this 3 seperate buttons?

Thank you.

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Please don't clutter this site with duplicate questions:

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Sorry ,it was kind of urgent so I posted in 2 forums.