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Using different periodic dates?

Hi all, I am new to qlikview and really enjoying it.

I am just stuck on logically how to work with data for different dates.

Basically i have set up a report that displays all data on a portfolio as of the end of the previous month. The viewer can then choose which month they would like to see (list box - "only one selected value"). This is very basic and works fine. Now i want to create a tab that shows trending of the data over the previous months. How can i do this without changing the "only one selected value" on the list box etc, as this effects all the previous tabs?

As a stop gap, in the load, i reloaded the same dataset for periodic dates separately but gave all the fields different names so it didnt interfere with the other data. I am just wondering is there an easier way to do this as i am basically loading the information for each date separately which is very wasteful and confusing, considering the dataset is the same for each month. Hope this makes sense?

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni


Welcome to QV world. Have you explored using Set Analysis? I am sure this is possible with Set Analysis. I am attaching a pdf document to learn Set Analysis. Please post your QV document with sample data and I would definetly try to help you.



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Thanks very much for that D V. I haven't looked at set analysis yet but i will try it now. I will tell you if i get stuck!!