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Values on data points

I am using Dual (string, number) to create labelled bars on a combo chart. However I also have two other expressions, a line and a bar.

The lines and bars (from other expressions) are always placed in front of the data labels, sometimes obscuring the text. Is there a way to tell qlikview to stick the values in front of the lines and bars? I have tried promoting / demoting the expression with labels to see if it makes a difference, but the text is always placed behind the bars and lines.

Possibly related to this, I would also like to be able to format the text. I am aware of the tags <B>,<I> and <Hn> for text formatting, but are there any other tags? Is there a list of tags somewhere? Font and text alignment would be useful. And if there was a tag for 'place in front of other stuff' that would solve the above problem.


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As far as I know there is no way to make sure the text is put on top of the bars/lines other than using two charts and put those on top of each other.

There's also a '<U>' tag for underscoring text. I think that sums them all up. I don't know of any others.

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