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Creator II
Creator II

Variable as Date on Set Analysis

Hello guys,

I'm currently using the following expression in order to obtain the number of aircraft flying:

=count({<DATA ={"$(=Date('26/03/21','DD/MM/YY'))"},NCIA={'AZU'},ONGR={'0'}>} NCIA)


How can I replace the value '26/03/21' by a variable called vDate1, and the value 'AZU' by a variable called vAirline?


Thank you

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Contributor III
Contributor III

of course you can replace the date with variable vDate1 that is a better code. but you can't do it for field value 'AZU', if you want a particular field value from the selected field you can't apply variable for it. that will completely mashup your code. because variable always took a single value which you have to pass.

Hope you are clear with this.



Askar Nawaz Khan